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We need to redefine our pedagogy. A lot of learning is disconnected and sees students as vessels to pour information into. People of the past don’t have the answers for the youth of the future. Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop pedagogy places the student in the center, emphasizes the importance of mentorship and involves different ways and styles of learning (visual, auditory/ musical, kinesthetic, …). It meets the youth where they are, starting from their experiences, goals and talents. It creates youth leaders who become facilitators of their own learning process, develop their peers, are critical and independent thinkers who are accountable and have an impact in their communities and society as a whole.

*This workshop will allow you to assess, reevaluate, expand and evolve your own process based on the following points: 


1. Why is it important to make the correlation with the current education system and oppression? 

2. What is your role as a facilitator, social worker and educator (e.g.: in stimulating spontaneity, creativity and imagination)? 

3. How does your classroom or your learning space (from seating to colors and aesthetics) liberate the minds of the youth, so they can experiment, explore and express?

4. What is your process of developing young leaders in your space?

5. How does your space facilitate tangible skills and connection to the community? 


This workshop is for the social worker, educator, (music) teacher, music therapist who realizes that knowing about Hip Hop culture is one thing, applying Hip Hop pedagogy is another and wants to make an appropriate connection with the youth that she/he is working for and with.