Urban Art Beat recognizes the importance of self expression in today’s society. We have directly observed the connection between art education and the social/ academic advancement of our students.In order to meet the learning needs and artistic interests of our participants, we offer a wide variety of student centered workshops and tailored, goal oriented residencies.



We recognize the importance of self expression in today’s society. We have directly observed the connection between art education and the social/ academic advancement of our students. In this program NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! Students will be introduced to the exciting world of song writing and create ORIGINAL WORKS.



Hands-on! In this fun and innovative program students are introduced to the incredible world of digital music production! Students will become familiar with production software Reason (recommended) or Garage band. They will learn the basics of music theory: tempo, counting measures and basic song formatting. Then students will be shown how to structure their beats according to the artist’s vision. The methods used include sampling, creating basic melodies and mastering drum patterns.


INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC THEORY (Guitar/keyboard/drum pad)

To fill the void left by the lack of music programs in schools,  Urban Art Beat and The Optimus Foundation  are proud to present Introduction to Music Theory. We teach the basic of Reading/ Writing music, as well as the various parts of the instruments to students that are just beginning their journey into the instrument world. We can offer Keyboard, Guitar or Drum Practice Pad as well as any combination of the three. Playing instruments gives students the discipline they need to excel in various aspect of life that expand far beyond music itself. Our program differs from the standard lessons because we focus on teaching students songs they are interested in, and cater to needs of the individual. All our instructors are active musicians that create original music.



This program is a combination of our other programs. The producers and instrument players combine with songwriters to make a CD of original music. We also introduce students to the art of audio engineering where they will record the music they make. We can also provide instrumentals for students. The students choose a theme for the project and create the music and lyrics based on that subject. We  also show the students how to upload their music to the internet, so their music and message can be heard by the ENTIRE WORLD!



Hip Hop is the representation of innovative artistic creation. Hip Hop Theater is an extension of this idea by combining Hip Hop’s core elements of emceeing (rapping), dancing and street art (graffiti) and creating a narrative that is acted out by the performers. This is theater for the Hip Hop generation and the participants will learn how to perform Hip Hop versions of plays by famous playwrights such as Shakespeare. They will also get the chance to create their own Hip Hop Theater piece with the help of professional Hip Hop playwright and director, Gustav Gauntlett. Basic acting games will warm up the confidence of any newcomer to theater and, by the end of the workshop, all of the participants will be ready to help create a unique Hip Hop Theater performance of their own.