Thank You for Supporting “Musical Mentorship!” in 2010

Photo by Bisco Smith.
Dearest Family and Friends,

Urban Art Beat (UAB) would like to sincerely thank you for all of the support you have given our arts programming in 2010.  If you have been following our website and/or Facebook page you have seen that we have conducted a number of successful events throughout the Tri-state Area this past year.  Last summer UAB led “Song Writing for Social Change” workshops at NYU and at the Center Against Domestic Violence.  We  began creative collaborations with film maker Sol Tryon and photographer Alexander Richter, Ballroom Basix, and the IERC Education Foundation. In addition to our work in the schools  we also performed at a Verizon Conference, the Bowery Poetry Club, and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, to name just a few.

                                                                            Photo by Alexander Richter.

These events are always exciting as they involve family members, unite community, and inspire others to express themselves through art.  However, the real life-changing work goes on in the classroom. It is there that we connect with students in a way that confirms their very existence.  The relationships that form among mentors and students are invaluable. Not only are we increasing their leadership and communication skills by challenging them to take academic and social risks, we are listening and guiding, while creating music and art to share!

Our programs fight NYC’s high drop out rates. UAB youth participants frequently ask their mentors about their international travel and college experiences. The youth participants become peer leaders and community advocates.  Whether an exchange with Scarsdale, NY, or a book drop at the Kips Bay Bronx Homeless Shelters, our field trips exponentially expand their world knowledge.   From Brooklyn, to Westchester, our students experience art as a catalyst for community improvement.  The time spent collaborating on a song increases their social, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.   Truly inspirational outcomes.

                                                                            Photo by Alexander Richter.

It is you who make this incredible work possible!  Your contributions permit us to offer more workshops to more students in more places! There are many schools that have no art and/or music classes, and so many youngsters who could benefit from weekly “art” time with a dedicated mentor.

With you as a continuing donor, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) as our fiscal sponsor, and new volunteers becoming mentors every season, our opportunities are unlimited!  We at UAB hope you will take a few minutes before the end of the year to help launch us into 2011 with a generous, tax deductible donation.  With your support UAB can continue to serve those with the greatest need by expanding our programming to new sites and sharing the gift of creative expression!

We wish you and yours a wonderful and productive 2011!

How to Be a Hero…

1. The easiest way to give?  We can receive funds through online donations:

2. Prefer to write a check? Please make it out to our sponsor, NYFA with Urban Art Beat noted in the bottom left as the E.O. (Emerging Organization) Questions for NYFA? Email:

New York Foundation for the Arts

20 Jay Street, 7th Floor

Brooklyn, NY, 11201

3. Spread the word! Pass this on to family and friends before 2011, so that they may also be a hero and get help on their taxes year!

This is how we will use your donation! Never doubt that your contribution (big or small) has made a difference.

$25 = Notebooks and pens for 10 young writers

$50= 1 hour class with an experienced musical mentor

$100= 2 day workshop on Song Writing for Social Change

$300= Microphones and PA for life changing performances

$1,500= 6 week in-school program with a celebratory show at the end

Music unites!

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