All Ages Open Mic.



3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 
Dixon Place Theater 161 Chrystie st.


03 2015

House Party to Raise Funds for UAB mentors to work with youth in prison!


09 2016

It’s our 2nd to last All Ages Open Mic Workshop of the school year!! “In the Name of Justice”

Dixon Place Theater 161 Chrystie Place

Thursday 5/21



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06 2015

Youth Social Justice Expo at Brooklyn Free School at 3pm

Presented by : A New Black Arts Movement

Co-sponsored by Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement and Urban Art Beat

Tomorrow as in “Sunday May 17th”

372 Clinton 3-6pm

(corner of Washington)



Here’s the facebook invite:



06 2015

SUMMER HOUSE PARTY Friday June 12th. A FUNdraiser!

Friday June 12th, UAB House Party !!  8pm- 4am

677 Hart St. Bushwick, Brooklyn


06 2015

Respect to the QueenZ Vol.3


03 2015

Summer Camp for Social Justice

Help The Next Generation Of NYC’s Artistic Youth With A FREE, Four-Day, Life Changing, Art & Music Making, Socially Conscious Summer Camp!

Hip Hop Summer Camp for Social Justice

Donate Here:

Hosted by Art Start & Urban Art Beat

Hello! We are members of the Next Youth Coalition (NYC) – a community of arts-education organizations that provide personal and transformative workshops to the youth, utilizing art and music as a medium for change. Our dream for Summer 2014 is to run a series of FREE workshops at the SCAN Johnson Community Center in Harlem where young people, 13-18, can express themselves artistically, learn new musical & artistic skills and build life-long relationships, while addressing the gun violence and police brutality epidemics in their neighborhoods.




We are about the work! Collectively, Art Start and Urban Art Beat have over 30 years of experience serving inner city youth.



The video above is a live performance of our students’ original song, “Where Do I Go?” about bullying from last summer’s camp.



The Camp: In a four-day intensive, students will participate in specialized workshops led by social activists and music industry professionals, and have a hands on experience in writing, producing, and performing an original song or showcasing a graphic art piece in response to these issues.  Workshops will also cover topics including the foundations of hip hop, beat making, hook writing, drawing, performance and recording technique with guest “artivists” from our partner organizations:

*Art Start    * Zulu Nation      *Art Is Love In Action

*Urban Word      *World Up      *Hip Hop Re:Education      *YO SOS




The Format:

Youth will break into four “Super Groups” and participate in a creative response to the workshops.  Each Super Group will be led by a producer and team of mentors to develop original songs and graphic art pieces throughout the workshops.  Each producer will have a portable workstation to record & draw ideas on the spot and produce a demo recording of at least one song or one original art piece.  Youth will have multiple performance opportunities after the intensive to showcase their work.



We pride ourselves on our ability to give individualized attention; this fosters life long relationships and empowers our participants to harness their creativity to make the world a better place.

We will maintain a 1:5 mentor:youth ratio, providing the close, personalized mentorship and instruction we believe is integral to our mission and often absent from many of our students’ lives.



The fine folks at the Johnson Community Center in Harlem have graciously donated their space free of charge.  All we have to do is Fund the programming!

Your donations will provide:



*Musical Equipment

*Writing Materials

*Recording & Performance Opportunities

*One-On-One Mentoring Time with Incredible Teaching Artists

We have an incredible team of artists and activists who have volunteered hundreds of hours to make this dream a reality.

Now all we need is YOU to make this camp 100% FREE to our youth!!



Projected Outcomes:



1: Increase youth leadership skills and activism

2: Develop and nurture collaboration between youth from different boroughs and backgrounds around a common theme

3: Increase awareness of how to use art and creativity to activate change in our communities

4: Provide a safe space where youth can combine artistic expression and social justice education

5: Produce two relevant shows that are free to the community

6: Write, record, and perform original music & artwork in response to social justice workshops on the topics of gun violence and police brutality


The intensive will conclude with a performance at the Day of Remembrance for Nicholas Heyward Jr, a 13-year-old honors student and varsity athlete who was shot and killed by a police officer in the Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn on September 27th, 1994.  His annual Day of Remembrance will be August 23rd, 2014, where our young people will debut their original songs & artwork created during the intensive as a means to inform and inspire the people of Boerum Hill and the five boroughs.



You can learn more about Nicholas’ story at his official foundation page:

And via the New York Times article covering the incident:

Like to make a tax deductible donation? Please do so through Art Start here: – *be sure to go to the drop down menu and select Art Start UAB Summer Camp*

Join the movement! Your contributions will change a life. We cannot do this alone! Please add your voice to our cause by personally telling your friends and family!  THANK YOU!

Can’t make a donation at this time?  Help by spreading the word by sharing this page via this link – – or IndieGoGo’s share tools.







Generations of Gratitude!


08 2014

Summer Camp Photos!

Click this link to check out our facebook page and see come flicks of what we got up to this summer…


09 2013

Support UAB’s Summer Camp Program


03 2013

A Reflection by Gustav Gauntlett

10 Week Workshop.  Lifelong Support

The world of teaching artistry has 2 distinct spheres.  We are hired by one organization to serve as arts educator for an indefinite amount of time, or we operate as freelancers, leading different workshops of varying length at many different locations.

Those who work for one organization, at one location, receive the powerful benefits of building with the same group of young people every day, sometimes for many years.  This blesses them with the chance to see their young artists grow up right before their eyes and take great amounts of time building a strong relationship.  This often allows the teaching artist to get to know the families, friends, and community members of the young people in that specific area.   This format of teaching artistry is incredibly beautiful and I have had the privilege of observing and collaborating with other teaching artists in this type of system; most notably with the mentors at El Puente who do an incredible job of facilitating young leaders and forming a tight-knit family through daily workshops and trainings.

For the majority of us teaching artists, we operate as freelancers.  We work with any organization, any time, any place, as long as our schedule permits.  The most common format is a 10-20 week workshop arranged by an existing organization that is looking to bring in a for-hire teaching artist to lead the workshop.   Amazing relationships are created, creativity is shared, and deep friendships established.  Then the workshop ends and we are all left with memories of what we shared and art we created.  There are no more weekly sessions, no more face-to-face time at that organization, the energy has changed.

This is where we as community leaders and teaching artists must step up and be REALLY REAL about our intentions.  If our goal is to create a strong community of artists that is SUSTAINABLE, we must go beyond these finite workshop lengths and continue to connect.  Facebook friendships are the minimum start, as it is undoubtedly a great way to continue the contact.  The next step is phone calls, invitations to other events, organized gatherings to check in.  All of these are imperative to sustaining the work we put so much love and energy into during the workshop period.

I recently went to the court date of a young man from one of Urban Art Beat’s workshops, definitely not the ideal place to spend time with a past collaborator, but this is when he needs support more than ever.  There is so much knowledge sharing possible, in every aspect of our lives, which spans far beyond the arts.  As teaching artists, we are choosing to enter the lives of young people and their well-being and success is our responsibility.

Urban Art Beat is the ideal blend of the temporary and permanent.  Our organization prefers to establish our programming in a school and stay there forever, but we realize this cannot always happen due to budget cuts, change in leadership, etc.  However, our unique strength is our ability to create a permanent culture that lasts far beyond our program at one specific location.  Urban Art Beat is a community of artists that collaborate between boroughs, age groups, genders, and art forms.  The result is an incredible group of creators that is exposed to every possible creative outlet imaginable, and a lifelong system of support.



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