If you clicked on this page, we already think you are amazing!
Every donation goes towards the program. So:
For every $10, you buy snacks for one after school session.
For $50, you just paid an experienced teaching artist for an hour of music, dance or arts tutoring.
For $100, we can press cds of the youth’s original songs!

You get the idea. Thanks so much for helping us bring the youth well deserved arts programming!


For Contribution, follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Go to Our Fiscal Sponsor page with NYFA.

2) Fill out the form!!

Prefer to write a check?

Please make it out to our sponsor, NYFA with Urban Art Beat noted in the bottom left as the E.O. (Emerging Organization)

Questions for NYFA?? Email:

New York Foundation for the Arts
20 Jay Street, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Check out these real life examples of how we use donations!
Never doubt that your contribution (big or small) has made a difference.

$25 = food to celebrate a class of creative youth

$50= 1 hour class with at least two experienced mentors!

$100= 2 day workshop on Song Writing for Social Change

$300= Microphones and PA for life changing performances

$500 = Metrocards for a whole summer camp so they don’t have to worry about how to “get there.”

$1,500= 3 week in-school program with a celebratory show at the end

Lastly, Please spread the word! Pass this on to family and friends, so that they may also be a hero and get help on their taxes this year!